Floating Gardens

local produce greenhouses

serving Saskatchewan's fresh produce needs
year-round since 2008.


Please support these fine establishments that regularly use local ingredients--including our products.

Produce available at
the Saskatoon Farmers' Market.

Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday... year round!

Dear Customer,

Customers often ask us how we grow our products--especially since we are not certified organic. We're honoured that you are interested enough in our farm to ask.

You can also find us at

the Warman Farmers' Market

Every Thursday afternoon.

Photo Gallery

Lettuce harvest

Lettuce Harvest

Harvesting the float beds.
Swiss chard


Working on the arugula.

Packing day.

Packaging herbs for market
and filling the bags with air.

Swiss chard

Showing you the swiss chard
roots and stems.

Sibling owners

Chris and Rachel Buhler
in front of a row of tomatoes.

Local food

Local produce grown right here in Saskatchewan

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