Multi-coloured swiss chard grown in deep water culture. The roots are as vivid a colour as the leaves.
We pulled this swiss chard out of a float bed to show you it’s roots. The roots sit in a large bed of heavily aerated nutrient solution where it grows very quickly. Crops grown this way tend to be sweeter than those grown in traditional, soil culture.

We were inspired to start when we read that Saskatchewan only produces 4.6% of its own fruit and vegetables (while Manitoba and Alberta produce close to 40%).

We thought, “this is a statistic that we could contribute to changing.” And after a whole lot of research and building, we have a 365-day-a-year production system.

Floating Gardens Ltd. is a market garden under a roof. It is unusual in the vegetable growing greenhouse world because we have many different crops under one half-acre roof. And although it is probably one of the most beautiful spaces to visit in the midst of a Saskatchewan winter, our plant biosecurity and food safety policy makes visitors difficult to bring in.

Even if we can’t bring you inside our facility, we would love to show you some of the behind-the-scenes of greenhouse to you through this website.  If you want to know even more, please join our mailing list. (It’s free, and it’s the best place to find out what’s happening here.)

We care about your health, and so we do not spray with traditional chemicals on our plants. Rather we use a host of biological and “soft” chemical controls (soft chemicals, like soap water, that are allowed in organic production). We only use organically approved chemicals for spraying although we are not an organic producer. We do use traditional, hydroponic fertilizers (and do not grow in soil) but we try to bring the best tasting food with the least chemical controls that we can to your table.

If you want to find our products, check out:

Or, you can enjoy them cooked into amazing meals at many restaurants including

Chris Buhler and Rachel Buhler standing in front of a row of tomatoes in their greenhouse, www.floatinggardens.ca
Siblings Chris and Rachel Buhler in front of a row of tomatoes. (Photo used with permission).

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  1. I live in Warman and just want a bag of your delicious tomatoes. Is it possible to pick some up in Osler. How?

    1. Yes, if you order them on the website (go to shop to order), you can choose the pickup location at the greenhouse and we will get them ready for you to pick up on the date you schedule.

  2. Hey I’m just wondering what’s all in your elegance package of micro greens?

    1. I am sorry Brandon, apparently I missed this when you first posted it.

      Elegance is a microgreen mix of red mustard, leaf broccoli, mizuna, and puk choi. They are grown to baby stage and then harvested.

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