Green Shiso — 100g bag


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This herb has a complex flavour profile with some cumin-esk overtones and a touch of citrus. It is usually slightly sweet and some people say that they get hints of cashew or sesame (though I have never found either of these in it myself). Scan for it online and you will find foodies that pair this with lemon, pork, fish, shellfish, avocado, sesame, ginger and occasionally berries. I love the flavour, so I’ll chop it up and put it in salad, on a sandwich, or on pasta. We had a Japanese woman stop by our booth and tell us that her grandmother would use it to wrap meatballs and sashimi just before serving.

Shiso is known by many names including: Shiso (Japan), Perilla (Latin/genius name which is also sometimes used in English), Zisu (China), deulkkae or tŭlkkae (Korea), pak maengda (Laos), tía tô (Viet Naum). In Napal and India it has many names including:  silam, thoiding, chhawhchhi, bhangira. (Thanks Wikipedia). It is also sometimes called beefsteak plant or Japanese basil.  Apparently different regions grow slightly different varieties. Because the seeds that we have of this plant are from Japan, we use the Japanese name (Shiso) for the variety we grow.


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