Floating Gardens is a family owned business, operated by brother and sister Chris and Rachel Buhler.  Our parents, Wilf and Ruth and our life partners Kaytee and Clint, support us in the daily operations of growing and selling vegetables and maintaining the farm.

Our greenhouse is situated on our family’s Century Farm nestled right up to the small town of Osler, Sk.

We value healthy, locally grown, homecooked food and are honoured to be a part of the Saskatchewan local food economy since 2008.

Our incredible staff and customers in Saskatoon and Regina help make this dream possible, thank you!

What we’re about:

  • providing Saskatchewan residents with the highest quality vegetables and herbs 365 days a year
  • building a stronger local community through economic development
  • working toward a sustainable food economy
  • maintaining strong family connections

Thanks for visiting our page, don’t forget to order online!


L-R Kaytee, Chris, Wilf, Ruth, Clint, Anna, Rachel


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am trying to order a large amt of the seconds basil for Wednesday morning. How can I do this?

    1. Hi Heather, Sorry we didn’t see this until now.
      Are you in Saskatoon or Regina?

      1. Hi, me again. Any chance I could get copious amounts of basil again Wednesday? Also, do you sell larger amounts of tomatoes at a discount at all? I am hoping to have lots of tomato concoctions in the freezer but my plants aren’t producing as much as I hoped… and my kitty had a VERY expensive unplanned vet visit. Budgets are so not fun.

        1. Likely. It depends on what copious amounts translates to in actual grams, but we have quite a bit available currently.
          Tomatoes, yes–we have some that are a little older (they are fine but need to get used) that we could give a very good deal on. Could you please email us at orders@floatinggardens.ca and give us some contact information and more details about approximately how much you would like of each thing and we can figure it out!

  2. Hello

    Will you have any cucumbers this Sat?


    1. Good day.

      I am so sorry I missed this comment, it was caught in my spam filter and I just saw it now.

      This probably no longer helps you, but we do have cucumbers every market from now on. We also have tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini–all of which just started.

  3. I’m unable to process my order with VI or Ax?
    Nancy Baltzan

    1. Thank-you for letting us know.

      I am sorry that you could not order.

      We are having some technical issues with some required upgrades to the website that seem to have caused a number of problems. I am working with tech support people to fix these, and hope it will be done yet today.

      In the meanwhile, I am quite sure that we have your contact info so I will have someone call you tomorrow morning to give you an opportunity to order.

  4. Do you have pink edible flowers? Looking for accent for a birthday cake.

    1. Yes.

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