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Year round production

In a province that sees 60º temperature swings throughout the year, we no longer have to rely on Mother Nature and our short growing season.

By utilizing hydroponics we are able to grow in our state-of-the-art greenhouse facility year round – maximizing flavour and freshness – while producing nutrient dense, delicious produce.

Improving local food security

We are proud to be a part of the Saskatchewan local food economy, connecting more folks with locally grown goodness. Because knowing how and where your food was grown, makes it taste so much better!

98% of Canada’s fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce – among other vegetables – were exported to various American States. Source - Saskatchewan Irrigated Vegetable Crop Competitive Analysis - 2005

Chris & Rachel

Brother and sister duo Chris & Rachel Buhler are our fearless leaders here at Floating Gardens, always looking for innovative ways to better our operations and provide superior products to our customers. Together with their parents and spouses, they are growing some of the best fresh and flavourful produce in the province!

Our team is buzzing

In our quest to create a healthy ecosystem inside the greenhouse, we enlist the help of predatory insects to fight off any pests and also pollinate our plants!

Bumble Bees

Latin name: B. occidentalis

All hail the queen! Our hive is responsible for pollinating Floating Gardens’ famous produce. You’re welcome.

Gall Midge

Latin name: Aphidoletes aphidimyza

You might need a magnifying glass to see me, but I’m here! Working away and tackling any pesky aphids that sneak into the greenhouse.


Latin name: C. rufilabris

Don’t be fooled by my beautiful wings, when my friends and I are in the greenhouse we can control the aphid population like no one else!

Minute Pirate Bug

Latin name: Orius Insidiosus

Ahoy mateys! In the fight against thrips and aphids, my crew happily welcome the challenge.

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