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I see that some products have “uglies” as an option. What does that mean?

Uglies simply refer to products that have some cosmetic blemishes. They are just as fresh and delicious as our fancies, and are completely safe to eat. We have discounted items to reflect these imperfections.

Do you grow your product in the field or a hoop house?

Neither! We are extremely proud to bring fresh produce to customers year round; even in sub zero temperatures! We do have a downtime each season to do routine maintenance, cleaning and replant our crops (this is noted on our subscriptions page). By growing using hydroponics in our state of the art greenhouse facility, we can maximize flavour and freshness.

Why hydroponics and not field grown?

We were inspired to start when we read that Saskatchewan produces so few of its own fruit and vegetables. By growing indoors, using hydroponics we are able to grow nutrient rich, delicious produce year round.

In a province that sees 60º temperature swings throughout the year, we no longer have to rely on Mother Nature and our short growing season. Crops grown this way also tend to be more flavourful than those grown in traditional, soil culture. Growing this way also allows us to have more ergonomic conditions for our staff, as well as closely monitor our pest management and other factors.

Do you still have seasonality with hydroponic crops?

Just as it is with nature, winter months in the northern hemisphere have lower light levels and fewer hours of daylight. Though we do grow indoors hydroponically, we heed the cues of nature and change up our operations in the late fall months to favour crops that thrive in lower light, rather than incurring the added cost of supplementing with synthetic light.

Despite not having fruiting crops from December to February, we are still able to offer fresh greens and edible flowers year round. The slower pace of winter allows us time to do routine maintenance, cleaning, and replant our crops.

Are your products organic?

Our staff and customer health is important to us, for this reason we do not utilize traditional or synthetic sprays. Rather, we use biological pest management, organically approved sprays, hydroponic fertilizers and soft chemical controls if and when required. We try to mimic the healthy ecosystems found in nature, inside the greenhouse, as often as possible. All of our products are grown naturally with minimal intervention, though we are not an organic producer.

What kind of packaging do you use?

Creating a sustainable business is important to us! This radiates out into the impact we have on our customers, staff and the planet.

With that in mind, whenever possible we opt to ship our product in paper based packaging. There are a few crops, think cucumbers, that just don’t last or do well unless they’re wrapped in plastic. We don’t like plastic just as much as the next person, but if used with intention we believe that it’s the best option we have right now.

Do you offer bulk quantities for preserving/canning?

Yes! We often have large quantities available in the peak canning months, so please do get in touch to reserve yours. Contact us with your request.

Do you offer wholesale pricing to restaurants or retailers?

Yes! We are keen to partner with local retailers and restaurants.

I placed an order, when will it arrive?

Please head over to our shipping page for all the details regarding shipping times and delivery.