I see that some products have “seconds” as an option. What does that mean? 

Seconds refers to products that may have some cosmetic blemishes, but are still delicious and safe to eat. We have discounted items to reflect these imperfections.

Do you grow your product in the field or a hoop house? 

Neither! We are extremely proud to bring fresh produce to customers 365 days a year. Even in sub zero temperatures! We grow using hydroponics in our stateoftheart greenhouse facility, maximizing production and efficiency.

Why hydroponics and not field grown?

We were inspired to start when we read that Saskatchewan only produces 4.6% of its own fruit and vegetables, while Manitoba and Alberta produce close to 40%. By growing indoors, using hydroponics we’re able to grow nutrient rich delicious produce year round. 

In a province that sees 60º temperature swings throughout the year, we no longer have to rely on Mother Nature and our short growing season. Crops grown this way also tend to be sweeter than those grown in traditional, soil culture.

Are your products organic?

Our staff and customer health is important to us, for this reason we do not utilize traditional or synthetic sprays. Rather, we use biological pest management, organically approved sprays, hydroponic fertilizers and soft chemical controls if and when required. All of our products are grown naturally with minimal intervention, though we are not an organic producer.