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We grade our produce into three categories



premium quality, without any cosmetic blemishes



incredible flavour and freshness, with maybe one or two blemishes



not sold and fed to local livestock or compost piles

Zero Waste

In all aspects of our business we are mindful of the impact we have on the environment, at a local and global level. For that reason, our goal is that no tomato is left behind!


#FreetheFlaws is a campaign to bring awareness to the importance of utilizing what we have, and being good stewards of our resources.

You’ll notice that some of our products are listed as “uglies” in our shop. Uglies simply refers to products that has physical characteristics that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing. It’s still the same great taste, freshness and quality you’ve come to expect from Floating Gardens, they just might have a blemish or funny shape. 100% edible. 100% delicious!

2.2 million tonnes

The estimated annual wastage of edible food in Canada - that’s 100,000,000,000 cocktail tomatoes!

Did we mention that they’re marked down from our regular produce?

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